7 thoughts on “Post me

  1. Saw them for the first time, today, in Marsworth, Bucks – a moment of joy!
    Hoping they’re back with you soon.
    Wish we could come to Suffolk!

    1. None here yet but we’re a lot chillier on the coast as the north wind keeps blowing. But anticipating them back earlier than usual so the boxes are ready!

  2. Lovely to see current news of Aldeburgh swifts – I felt they would be on their way soon. At least some things are fairly constant in these strange times

  3. My Name is John Brickles and I live in Sleaford Lincolnshire and I am happy to report the sighting of 4 swifts this morning 29 /05/2021 at 9 30 am

    1. John

      Thanks for letting us know. They’re coming back slowly although one of our nesters has been back since 6th May. Three pairs nesting so far this year in our boxes.

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