The story of Storm

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Tuesday’s rain and high winds had an impact on our Swifts.  Driven down to roof level, they could be seen in large groups over the town, particularly over the northern end towards North Warren.

Our rescued Swift (named Storm) found at a house on Saxmundham Road spent a peaceful night in his (we think) box, looking a little uncomfortable it must be said!


Once he’d been aged (a one year old), weighed and sexed, and had his wings checked, he was ready to fly.


After a few moments, and helped by the strong wind, he was off!


Can we please express our thanks to:-

Jinny who found the exhausted Swift, Diana who directed Jinny to us, Judith Wakelam of Action for Swifts for her advice, and to Mike Swindells for turning up at Kings Field at 8am to check the little fellow over, do the biological bits and let him go.


Copies of our Children’s book telling the story of Storm’s rescue and his marathon migration to Africa are available from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust (see their online bookshop) for just £2.