Nest boxes and Injured Swifts

Injured Swifts

If you find a struggling bird, do give us a call (07762 300050 or 01728 454585) if immediate assistance is needed or check the website for a list of carers who can advise, Judith Wakelam (01638 715971) being the closest at Mildenhall.

Please do not throw the bird up or drop it out of a window!  Just hold it up in the palm of your hand, face the wind and see if it flies off.  If it doesn’t or it appears injured, give me a call at any time.  Thank you.

Nest boxes

Swifts are urban dwellers and the best place to site a box is where there is an existing group of Swifts.  It is very difficult to attract them to a new location.

Here is one example of a nest box that is suitable for most locations.  Ideally it should be on a north facing wall, about 5m high and with a clear flying area in front.  This particular box is suitable for more exposed locations (east and west facing) due to its insulated roof.  Whilst it’s not out of the question to put one on a south facing wall, the boxes can get very hot inside so it is best to avoid this aspect if possible.


If you have overhanging eaves a flat topped box is suitable but do ensure that it is tucked right up under the eaves to stop other birds perching or even nesting on the top.  The RSPB sell these.

There are several models on the market so if you live in or around Aldeburgh and would like advice on the most suitable type for your house do give us a call – see contact details on our home page.  If your property is suitable, we can also arrange installation.

And bear in mind that Swifts love living in colonies so putting up more than one box can be beneficial.