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Aldeburgh’s Amazing Swifts

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Have you seen the documentary called The Messenger?  Recently shown at the Aldeburgh cinema, it explores humanity’s deep connection to birds and the effects man-made hazards have had on their populations. One section focuses on the use of the pesticide neonicotinoids which Michael Gove has recently announced will be banned in the UK following the revelation that 75% of insects have disappeared from a number of German nature reserves in the last 27 years.  This directly affects the food supply of many birds, not least of all our Swifts.

If you haven’t seen the film, I do recommend that you do so and then consider who you might lobby to step up pressure on influential bodies to take some action.

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And of course the Sad news is … Swifts have now been formally put on the Endangered list

But the Good news is … you can help by putting up a nest box ready for next May’s returning families.

Aldeburgh now has 9 boxes installed so please help us achieve our target of 50 by next May.  The birds will arrive on the 7th May so you have a little time left!

Here is one example of a nest box that is suitable for most locations.  Ideally it should be on a north facing wall, about 5m high and with a clear flying area in front, but this particular box is suitable for more exposed locations due to its insulated roof.

There are several models on the market so if you would like advice on the most suitable type for your house do give us a call – see contact details below.  If your property is suitable, we can also arrange installation.

Meanwhile our Swifts have left for Africa – this is where they’ve gone to.

They spend the early part of winter in the Congo (yellow dotted area) and then fly off down to Mozambique on the coast at the end of December, before heading back to the UK next April.  This map shows the route one Swift took – red route down and blue route back, a total of about 14,000 miles without landing!



Welcome to ‘Aldeburgh’s Amazing Swifts’ conservation project.

We started this project in May 2017 with the aim of helping to stop the decline in Swift numbers in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.

By appealing to residents and builders in the town, we want to raise awareness to the drop in the number of Swifts and give advice on how to halt the decline.  You can help by installing a nest box, leaving a hole under your roof tiles or by installing a Swift brick in any new build.  Ideally the boxes should be on a north facing wall, 5 metres high, with no trees or wires to hinder access.  Visit the swift conservation web site to find out more about providing a nest site for these remarkable birds   http://swiftconservation.org

Give us a call if you would like some advice on installing a nest box.

Please read the ‘Article’ page to understand why and how you can help and read the ‘Latest News’ page to see what we’ve been up to over the summer.  Also check out the ‘Identification’ page to see the difference between Swifts, Swallows and House Martins.

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